Andy Bottoni 

Full Stack Software Engineer

Digital Transformation Specialist


IT Services

Software Engineering & IT Services are available through  my brother 

Andy has been designing, developing, deploying, and supporting end-user software systems for desktop, mobile, and web applications for over 40 years.   This experience includes more than just software. Andy not only had to create the hardware environments from scratch but work with the manufacturers to bring his products to life. 

Andy’s experience with multi-platform environments for Windows API in C/C++, Mac API in C/C++, iOS in Objective-C, and Android in Java for common database interoperability for globally geographically diverse deployment has migrated into today’s highly scalable cloud-based Docker environments in Kubernetes clusters running like AWS and Azure. 

Andy has experience with VBA, MSSQL/TSQL, and MySQL; automating many of the financial processes for credit card and e-check processing helped streamline day-to-day business processes and synchronize data between legacy in-house systems and external Salesforce environments. A few of the development environments Andy has experience in are Mac Programmers Worksop (C/C++), Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET & C/C++), Xcode (Objective-C iOS), and Android Studio (Java). He is an expert in PHP, ASP, JavaScript, HTML web languages, and Data mining in T-SQL.

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